Admissions FAQ


为了注册课程,你必须首先注册 申请入读皇冠现金官方网站APP大学. To make an appointment for in-person assistance please visit our 一站式迎宾中心 在任何校园地点,周一至周五上午9点.m.-4:30 p.m.

Complete the application 选择“未声明”作为你的专业. 你没有资格获得经济援助,仍然必须参加 Placement Test unless you meet the Test waiver requirements or receive special permission from the Director of Admissions or the Director of the Career & 学术策划中心.

You may be awarded up to 30 credits if the courses taken meet the 转让标准.

Follow the steps for "我不想完成学位课程."

我们提供各种 继续教育/非学分课程 或者你也可以拿一个 credit course with approval from the Director of Admissions or the Director of the Career & 学术策划中心 to waive the Placement Test requirement for one semester only.

If you change from non-degree to degree-seeking status, or if you change your major, contact the, (609) 343-5621.


如果你以优异的成绩从皇冠现金官方网站APP大学退学的话, 您可以随时通过注册课程重新进入. Students who were dismissed or suspended must apply for re-admission in writing to the Director of Counseling and Support Services. Students in the 烹饪艺术学院 must request re-admission through the Dean of the Academy. 重新进入ACA也取决于可用的空间.

Residents of Atlantic or Cape May counties who take a course or program of study at another New Jersey county college are eligible for a chargeback if the course or program is not offered at Atlantic Cape. 请预留最多一周的时间处理. 其他标准也适用. Non-residents of Atlantic or Cape May counties taking classes at Atlantic Cape are required to file a chargeback form every semester when they register or must pay out-of-county rates.

Apply for admission and provide to the Admissions Office an unofficial transcript showing pre-requisite completion for the course(s) you're looking to take. It is important that visiting students obtain written approval from their home institution for the course or courses they want to take at Atlantic Cape to ensure transferability.

通过以下方式向招生办公室发送信息请求 e-mail 或致电(609)343-5000或(609)463-3958.

Visit the 自助服务(以前的WebAdvisor) troubleshooting site for information on how to log in to your account and review the 自助服务(以前的WebAdvisor)常见问题解答.

Tuition and fees at Atlantic Cape are set each spring by the college's 校董会 for the following academic year. A full listing of all required fees, plus tuition, is available on the 学杂费 page. The typical full-time student taking 12 credits can expect to pay about $2,171.每学期50. 选修一门三学分课程的学生预计需要支付569美元.50. 大西洋或开普梅县的学生或其他N.J. resident with a chargeback majoring in culinary arts taking 12 credits can expect to pay about $9,000. Out of county students will pay a higher tuition rate per credit unless they file a chargeback form each semester.

A full-time student is one who registers for at least 12 credits each semester. Most full-time students carry a credit load between 15-17 credits each term, 暑期班除外.

Financial aid is available to qualified students for credit programs and a limited number of continuing education (non-credit) programs. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and file a request for aid each academic year.

皇冠现金官方网站APP相信 有效的学术规划 and course selection are critical factors leading to student success. Therefore, 鼓励学生与导航员/辅导员见面, 以及教务顾问, and discuss their academic future prior to registering for classes each semester. Successful academic planning ensures a student takes only those courses which meet their degree requirements and can help shorten the time to graduation. 咨询可在网上获得.

申请时,国际学生必须提交 所需入学材料、申请费、学费押金等 MAY 1st 申请进入秋季学期 SEPTEMBER 1st 申请进入春季学期.

Transcripts from foreign colleges or secondary schools must be submitted for formal evaluation to an agency approved by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). 需要这项服务的学生可以访问 NACES网站 to find and select a member approved by NACES to perform their foreign credential evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, the student must submit the official evaluation to the Admissions Office to determine transferability of courses. 学生最多可以转30个学分到皇冠现金官方网站APP.

If your native language is not English, you may still attend Atlantic Cape but must first take the 英语作为第二语言(ESL)分班考试. The test will show whether you can begin college-level classes or if you need further study in ESL Courses.

Remote Instruction is a virtual way of meeting with your professor in real-time during scheduled class hours.

Online classes require you to visit 黑板上学习 several times a week to receive your assignments, complete them, 并通过讨论板与同学互动.